Monday, August 23, 2010

NZ taking lead in classrooms of the future

TV NZ had a news clip on recently about classrooms of the future which is well worth watching.

Classrooms without pens and paper, and lessons given online, could soon be the classrooms of the future. This is already starting in some NZ schools.

A Ministry of Education pilot programme at Howick College has allowed students to use their cellphones in the classroom.

This style, called mobile learning, was moving the learning out of the classroom and into the family and community. Teaching and learning is no longer confined to the classroom but is also outside the four walls. Many classrooms have their own blogs and wikis.

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  1. I love the concept of mobile learning and we already have it, I mean if you use iTunes for example. Podcasting, I believe, is an early form of mlearning with podcasts like Grammar Girl. I think what we need is more e learning authoring tools for educators that are user friendly and affordable to help bring them up to date with changing learning technologies.