Friday, September 3, 2010


The city where I live is now in a state of emergency.

We had a 7.4 earthquake last night. It struck at 4.35 in the morning and I was sound asleep in bed! I certainly woke with a start as the bed started to rock and roll.

I live in a 4 story house on the beach so luckily the house is on sand and just rolled with the quake. I have to be very honest and say that I was pretty shocked.

My husband is away for the weekend so I was on my own. I was too frightened to get out of bed for some time. Our water is off and a lot of broken glassware but no real damage. In the inner city a lot of buildings have come down and many roads have big holes. A lot of the bridges over the Avon River are closed so we are rather cut off but have plenty of food etc. Really we have come out of the whole thing pretty well as there are no reported deaths and only one serious injury where a chimney fell on a person.


  1. Hi Diane
    Heard about the NZ earthquake on the news. Not something I would like to go through. Glad to hear you had a lucky escape and hopefully there will be no more tremors!

  2. Yes, it was awful. I lay in bed and could not stand up!! The house was shaking so much, not something I want to happen again, very frightening. My mother went to the Napier earthquake when she was a small child and she has been remembering that one. Luckily we did not have the deaths with this one as it struck at night so people were not in the buildings which were badly hit.