Sunday, August 15, 2010


We have been using e-portfolios with our students as part of their first year programme. These are to be continued throughout their training and hopefully beyond. I have made a small video to explain about the stages of the portfolio process and how the technology can enhance a portfolio - i.e. e-portfolio.

E-portfolios are being used in many New Zealand schools so it is important that our students understand them for when they are teaching themselves. We are using Mahara which has been developed here in New Zealand.

It is interesting that Mahara and other LMS are for private use or just with a small community of peers for example. I really like the way some children in Auckland used wikis and blogs to make their e-portfolios. Jess made this one back in 2008. You see some real value in her e-portfolio when you read all the comments that have been made. This is what other e-portfolios lack.

I have also made a Prezi about e-portfolios for anyone interested.


  1. Wow it is great to hear you are using ePortfolios for trainee teachers now, when I was there 2 years back we didn't. It is a growing trend although some school you may still find yourself the only supporter. That is where wikis and blogs really work well.

    There is lots of debate at the moment about using LMS platforms which are closed environments as apposed to wikis. Even my students ePortfolios have to be private but that is still a common school policy, again one that is under debate.

    I have just been thinking about this recently in my first attempt at ePortfolios with my class here

  2. Your video about portfolio process is too good and informative i like it.

  3. I am pleased that you like the video. I was doing it for a group of students but decided to share it on here too.

    To be honest while I was making it I was also playing around with the web cam program on my new computer. Children would love using these tools with themselves starring in a movie on a background such as I have been playing with.