Saturday, October 2, 2010

Virtual field trips in the classroom

A great overview describing the use of virtual field trips in the classroom is found on this web site.
Taking your pupils on a virtual field trip is a really good way to spark their interest or motivate their learning in a particular topic. It is often not possible to take a field trip particularly if there is distance involved but by using virtual field trips the world can be available to all children at any time.
Taking children to art galleries such as The Louvre while living in New Zealand is very appealing and now so possible.
LEARNZ is a New Zealand site which I have discussed earlier where New Zealand teachers and their classes can register (free) to be part of a variety of field trips. Coming up on their web site are two virtual field trips; Takahe and Wetland Treasures.
It is an interactive site with a lot of interesting and relevant information.