Thursday, February 23, 2012


A very useful tool for educators is PresentationTube.

You need to register (free) and download a recorder to your computer (Windows).

You are then able to use the recorder to record your PowerPoint presentation. It records your animations, transitions, as well as embedded video and audio. The presenter is also able to annotate their slides which will also be part of the recording. Once you have completed this you can then upload the file ready to share it with your students or other viewers.

This video can be embedded into your online class e.g. Blackboard or Moodle or into a blog or wiki. How great for the teacher to use this as a presentation after a class so that students can go to it to reinforce their learning or the teacher could use it as an introduction to a new topic.

Students could use this tool to present their findings about a research topic.  This can be shared with a wider audience on a classroom blog.


  1. How a great review and conclusion?! It seems that you understand the system better than Me!

    The Founder of PresentationTube
    Dr. Alaa Sadik

  2. I am pleased that it meets your approval. I can see how useful a tool this is for the classroom teacher and how this tool can be used to enhance the thinking and learning in the classroom. Thank you for your work in giving us this tool.

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