Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Integration of ICT in the classroom

I have just been reading an article by Grace Rubinstein in Eutopia - Technology Integration for elementary schools. It has some really great ideas. She starts by saying that teachers should use the technology when it is going to enhance the lesson, not the technology for its own sake; this is so true and so many teachers still use technology once a week in a lab which they feel is all they need to do!

Another point she makes which I have been saying for ages relates to the use of Interactive Whiteboards. She suggests that this tool needs to be used by the students not just the teacher!! Unfortunately this does not happen too often. I find this strange as this is a 21st century tool but teachers are often using it like an old blackboard and often have their back to the class!! Children can use these tools really well and they love doing so.

The points that Grace makes are all relevant for teachers - not just elementary school and promote using the technology to enhance the thinking and learning. This article is worth reading for ideas and to reinforce some of the ideas that you may already have.

While at Eutopia check out a video Thinking Big About Engagement which shows a teacher who is using a facilitator or guide on the side role with his students so that the students start to take charge of their own learning. This is a great video to watch and you can certainly see how engaged the students are in their learning.

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