Monday, July 4, 2011


I have used Microsoft gif animator and Image Ready to make my animations. One of the teachers I am working with at the moment wanted me to make some animations with his children (aged about 7 - 8). The machines they are using are Macs with iMovie. I know that we could use iMovie to make the animations but here is a quick and easy (and free..) alternative.

It is called Make animation. It is extremely simple for children to use:

  1. Upload your pictures or photos to make the animation - these can be any type eg jpg, tiff, png
  2. Double click on uploaded picture to add text and draw on it.
  3. Drag 'n drop left icon with top and down arrows to change the animation order
  4. Set size and speed as well as other options and effects
  5. Make the animation by clicking on "make animation"
  6. Your animation will be displayed and you can download it

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