Monday, July 25, 2011


Someone just sent me a link to a story in the Mail Online about a school in Kent requiring the parents to help buy iPads and interactive whiteboards - the whiteboards will link to the iPads.

Some experts are criticising the school for pressurising the parents to pay for the ‘toy’ and are questioning the school’s desire to use iPads as an educational tool – they contend iPads are more suited to watching movies, surfing the internet and playing music.

Obviously it is not just New Zealand schools who are looking at using the iPads.

What is the important part of this idea is that the teachers are trained in using the technologies and are able to integrate these into the classroom to enhance the thinking and learning.


  1. Hi - 'nother kiwi here.
    My grumble about IPads in schools is making it compulsory for pupils' famlies to buy them!
    Schools should be 3-year leasing themas a bulk agreement (Apple would jump, for sure)and place them in calssrooms, keep them at the school, and then at end of lease they get updated builds on the same terms.

    NZ Dept of Ed does NOT approve of pupils paying for elements of the curriculum or its delivery if the school B O T make it compulsory.

    Glad you posted the link to the story in the Mail - thanks

  2. I agree with your comments; I can just see the gap between schools in higher/lower socioeconomic areas growing wider. How can parents who are on benefits afford these when they are having difficulties surviving in today's economic climate? Your idea for Apple (for example) leasing these to schools is a great one. It also gives them great exposure for their future sales.