Thursday, October 20, 2011

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Information & Communications Technologies - Changing the Way of Learning

The role of technology in changing the way of teaching and learning is all-pervading. Advancement in information and communications technology in education has indeed provided a support platform to learners worldwide in keeping them integrated with performance-oriented skills along with the knowledge. Implementation of information and communications technologies, referred to as ICT, in learning has benefited education in many ways. From making education accessible for all to formulating a convenient and flexible learning mode – the significance of ICT in distance learning is indisputable.

The concept of learning via distance has been quick enough to respond to the innovation and advancement in the field of technology support towards education. The blending of technology and education in making distance learning courses accessible and flexible for all can be attributed to the reasons of introducing need based course programs and developing performance skill and support among today’s learners and professionals alongside the knowledge base. Furthermore, implementation of ICT in distance learning also helps in designing a flexible schedule of learning assisting the professionals and learners in developing their own learning module.

Implanting information and communications technologies in learning is a proposal or idea that finds it integration in all branches of education. The augmented and enlarged use of ICT in delivering learning at all corners of the world connecting the student, instructor, and content over a single platform is currently perceived as an up-and-coming practice in the educational sector. The focus of the initiative lies in bringing the rural and geographically remote areas under the fold of education via distance learning conquering over the geographical barriers and other odds.

Offering support services to the learners form an important part of distance learning courses and the educational program. Since, the learners are not involved with campus learning process directly; effective teaching-learner interaction needs to be carried out over the virtual learning setting. Support services like, admission process, academic counseling, academic career guidance, teleconferencing, teleconferencing, ICT implemented e-learning, library support, and information services are provided to the students for building an efficient interaction platform among both teachers and students.

Distance learning that until recently relied upon postal and mailing services now enjoys a new twist under the hands of technologies and online tools that holds the power of transforming the learning environment completely. The implementation of Information and communications technologies in distance learning courses hold multiple benefits in transforming the way people learn -

· Technological developments and advancements have paved the road to better learning enriched with visualization, interaction, and graphical representations.

· Video conferencing and live conferencing through enhanced satellite system helps the student and teacher connect beyond the geographical barriers and physical classroom setting.

· E-mail and other communications technology have made communication easier ensuring greater feedback and increased interaction among the peers along with teacher-student interaction.

· The Internet acts as a complete source of information making the incorporation of classroom environment easier for both the student and the instructor. It also offers the scope if self-paced learning and self-development.

The greatest benefit of implementing information and communications technologies in learning can be solely attributed to the fact of making distance learning courses available for worldwide. Distance learning courses now holds the potential of transforming the way of education and the way people learn in shaping up a new global economy conforming to the rapid societal changes.

For more references on this, you can refer to the Wikipedia page on Educational Technology.

AUTHOR BIO - Robert Williams loves writing and holds an interest towards various education related topics. He loves to write about distance learning courses and the changes the learning mode is facing in its evolution. Here, he focuses upon the influence of information and communications technology in learning.

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