Monday, October 17, 2011

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Communications Technologies in Classroom helps in Learning Enhancement

With technology continuing its influence in the world affecting our way of living and working, the educational sector too is not left far behind. Advancement in Internet and communication technology within the last decade has also offered a massive turnaround in the way of our learning. Today, the world of education under the dominating influence of the digital transition is continuously confronted with numerous challenges and opportunities. Distance learning, as it was in the past is embraced with new technological developments that are paving way for better learning. Online courses in today’s age is largely shaped in the mould of interactive classroom teaching characterized by online learning system management

The implementation of the online learning management system in the school or college environment is all set to witness a new turnaround under the influence of communication technologies in classroom. Several statistical surveys has reported that integrating technology in classroom studies hold positive results, as it increases concentration and appeal of learning among young students. Information and Communication Technology abbreviated as ICT is recognized as a universal potential tool for educational advancement leading to national progress and personal enrichment. Application of such technologies in classroom is conceived as a beneficial approach in transforming the way we learn.

However, the actual challenge comes in connecting the advanced communication technologies in support of teaching and learning that now happens at a multi-dimensional level. Initiating a child to learn or appealing a college student towards regular learning is a challenge for every teacher. In such a situation, technology acts as the engaging tool for initiating the students to learn and grow. With the entire world turning digital, students are seen to hold a special interest for tech-blend learning. Communication technology in classroom is sure to support the genre of online courses or e-learning thereby, making learning far more associable and flexible along with being convenient.

The Wikipedia page on E-learning details on the use of communication technologies in classrooms to support e-learning. The page also details on various other leaning management software that assists the usage of communication technology in enhancing learning.

The advancement of Internet technology and the availability of communication tools in the generation of web 2.0 application offer an extensive resource for communication technologies in classroom. From wikis, blogs, productivity application, concept mapping tools, to social networking sites, today’s teachers and students are proficient with every usage and application of communication technology. Online instructors to support greater learning are complementing the use of such technologies in classroom for presenting the course content and proving a wider access to information. Online courses in many universities are supplemented with platforms like

Wikis and weblogs too are known to offering an excellent platform of implementing advanced communication technologies in classrooms to enhance learning. These communicative platforms in today’s age of flexible learning make sharing ideas, initiating discussions, and indulging in question-answer session a lot easier. Videos and podcasts act as other engaging tools of enhancing learner working towards the same goal of connecting instructor and learner along with the content over a virtual platform independent of distance and time.

However, implementation of communication technologies in classroom, as it supports a learner initiative to learn at his own pace also holds challenges for both the educator and instructor to use the technologies properly. A number of universities and colleges today have implemented online courses on information and communication technology for helping the collaborative undertaking of enhancing learning through communication technologies in classrooms.

AUTHOR BIO - Robert Williams is a blogger by choice and he loves to write on educational topics for benefiting the learners of today’s age in knowing about the new implementations and changes in online learning or distance learning courses. Here, he focuses on the subject how communication technologies in classrooms can enhance learning.

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