Saturday, April 9, 2011


For those of you who use Wordle in their classrooms (or personally) to make word clouds you will love this site to use in the classroom. Tagxedo is similar to Wordle but has more features for the user. With Tagxedo you can make a shaped cloud - you will see some examples in the graphic on the left. You can look at this presentation to show 101 ways to use Tagxedo. Some ideas for using a word cloud with your class include:

  • Children create their own word clouds to show their own interests or to describe their feelings about something

  • Collaborate as a class to discuss trends and themes.

  • Write goals for the year and display them visually.

  • Create art from a student’s poem.

  • Compare speeches by Members of Parliament (Prime minister) to show trends in national sentiment.

  • Create chapter summaries. Decorate your classroom with a story created by the class.

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