Sunday, March 20, 2011

Getting good with Google

In the global world we need people who are able to access, evaluate and use information.
Something I find many people are not good at is using search strategies. On Google docs is a document, Getting good with Google, to help people become efficient at using the web.
I have always felt that these strategies should be introduced in the primary/elementary school and then reinforced and built on each year. In this way they will become adults who are able to access the information they want quickly and effortlessly.
The first thing they suggest is that the settings are changed to 'safe search' - this is something we need to ensure our children are doing.
A lot of the ideas are from the Google Help page but I find that many people don't even know it is there!
At the bottom of the document is an online quiz for the children to complete to see how good they are at doing efficient searches. Great ideas here for teachers in their classrooms.

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