Thursday, July 1, 2010

Lifelong learning in a digital age

Steve Wheeler has put a new presentation into SlideShare, it says it all. I find it so interesting that in tertiary institutions, where they are training people to be classroom teachers, they lecture to their students about these points but still in the old dreary mass lectures (where you see the students dozing off - some things don't change - or text messaging - the newer way to disengage). I wonder sometimes if these lecturers ever consider themselves to be good role models for their students?

I know that some teachers or lecturers are slowly changing but I wonder how long it will take before others do? Does money have anything to do with it?


  1. Hi Di, I agree with this post. I remember sitting in lectures at Canterbury Uni being lectured to about teacher strategies, scaffolding and modeling, then thinking that surely they should be practicing what they preach.

    I do remember your classes were never like that and inspired me.

  2. Thanks for those kind comments. I hope that I do inspire some of you to be the best teachers you can be.

    I imagine that you are integrating ICT into your lessons/units and finding that the children are more motivated and love learning. I have always felt that learning should be FUN.