Monday, February 9, 2009

LEARNZ - Virtual field trips

LEARNZ is a educational site for NZ teachers which offers virtual field trips for your class.

I know that many use these experiences regularly but did you know that this year it is free to register your class!
There are 22 trips planned for this year including CSO Making Music and Cool Wind Farm to Antarctica. These experiences are interactive and have a live component where they build relationships with the teachers and students.
There is a video you may like to look at which tells you about the LEARNZ tours.

"LEARNZ offers 20 virtual field trip experiences in 2008 and 20 in 2009: students stay at school but visit places they would never otherwise go to and interact with people they would never meet. Students' participation is supported by online background materials and activities, and is enabled using live audioconferencing, web board and diaries, images and videos uploaded daily.
New for 2009. All New Zealand Registered and Provisionally-Registered teachers are eligible to register free for 2009 (register once - no annual renewal required). Available Now: Teachers, once you have activated your registration, you have full access for 2009 to all field trips for your personal use. You also have access to a personalised control panel called MyLEARNZ (make sure you register first) where you can create a login for your classes and enrol them in 2000-2009 field trips, plus much more!


I would be interested in hearing about teachers experiences with LEARNZ as well as hearing from teachers in other countries about Virtual Field trips they are using.


  1. Thanks Di. We are looking forward to working with lots of teachers from all over NZ this year! Charmaine from LEARNZ

  2. The LEARNZ team make some great videos because they are up to date and for the NZ curriculum. My students also really enjoyed taking part in audioconferences.