Thursday, May 15, 2008


I love this site! In here are answers to questions about e-portfolios, the rationale for using e-portfolios, links to Web 2 tools, and some fantastic examples of e-portfolios made by some Year 8 students - and the reflections by the students (see an example of one below). What these children are doing is fantastic and it is easy to see how much learning is going on while they are working on their e-portfolios.

"I believe that teachers should make the change from worksheets and excercise books, to technology and teaching computer literacy. Our parents and teachers are the last generation to choose whether or not they will be computer literate, and if they chose to not be, their students will be unprepared, for the future. Children and teenagers nowadays have to be computer literate. Almost every occupation and career will require skill and knowledge, to do with using computers.

Almost every student I know, prefers using computer programs to complete excercises and activities. The days of activity sheets, excercise books and textbooks are over. We ALL should make the switch to computers today!"

How long before some teachers do listen? - it is great to see that this teacher is the one who motivated these children.

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  1. Thanks for the link, Diane. That website looks very good