Sunday, September 18, 2011


Zamzar is a quick and easy online web site where you can convert files from one format to another.
Their mission is
"To provide high quality file conversion
for as many file formats as possible"

So many times I have wanted to convert files to another format to send to someone or to use with other software (e.g. put a video in a PowerPoint presentation - PowerPoint will only allow some formats to be used). This tool is free to use - there are options ranging from $7 to $49 per month - but most teachers are not usually wanting to use the service enough to warrant the expenditure. Just to convert files is free and will take files up to 100mgs.

Steps are:
  • upload the file
  • choose the file format you wish to convert to
  • put in the email address to receive the converted file
  • press Convert

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