Thursday, August 18, 2011

Converge Special Report

Center for Digital Education published a Converge Special Report.
This report covers such things as:
  • From digital tools to digital teaching
  • What does digital teaching mean?
  • Types of digital content
  • Digital teaching and the evolving classroom
  • Ensuring digital teaching is effective
It discusses the different roles and the skills a digital teacher requires. They point to the focus in the classroom being on the student creating more personalised learning. They suggest that the classes are able to be interactive where students are fully engaged in their learning.

A teacher who uses Web 2 tools in her classroom has found that her students have a higher level of interest when they are allowed to illustrate their own videos and upload them to a blog or when they participate in a wiki collaboration with another school.

Another teacher discusses how they have used Inanimate Alice to infuse digital and interactive literature. The teacher says; 'I have never seen them more engaged in text'.

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