Monday, February 28, 2011


One week ago we had another earthquake. I have been unable to blog as we have not had electricity, water or sewage. We now have generator power but still no water or sewage. Today is the first day we have seen any news (only had battery radio) and in some ways I am pleased not have seen it before. I just feel shell shocked.

Our house is badly damaged. Things are a real mess.

It is not nice not being able to have a shower for so long. Yesterday we went to visit some people some distance away (they had power and water). I used a proper toilet for the first time in a week and also had my first shower, LUXURY!! We have portaloos along the street and are also being asked to dig long drops. We have been using gas BBQs for cooking and boiling water. We have to go out to fill bottles etc with water (all need to boiled before drinking). It is really not pleasant but with so many dead it seems not so bad.

People have been coming together looking after each other which is fantastic although many have fleed the city.

Although it was only 6. something the devastation is far greater. There have been many deaths and the toll is expected to be a lot greater.

I am praying for Christchurch and all the people who are staying here and helping each other.


  1. Thanks so much. We need all those prayers

    At the moment they are expecting the death toll to arise to 240