Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I am not sure if many people use Sqirlz to animate water reflections from a still image. Here is a great example.

It is a simple programme to use in the classroom. Once the reflection is complete you have the options of saving as a gif, swf or avi.

I have used this programme for some time now and find it great to create water effects. The completed files can be used in PowerPoint, web pages for example.

I have often used this with my students when they are making a multimedia presentation as it is so quick and easy.

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  1. Dear Di,
    As an English teacher of students of ages 14-18 in a suburb of Chicago, I am looking to set up etwinning between my students and students in New Zealand. But since I teach in a "unit district" with students of grades K-12 (ages 5-18) I would also be able to assist you with contacts to people who might be working with you at all ages.
    My high school sophomores have already begun a knowledge base of Maori knowledge spurred by our study of The Whale Rider by Witi Ihimaera. "Maori from the outside" is found at http://wiki-land.wikispaces.com/Maori+from+the+outside
    Our class blogs are currently all on a wiki: http://wiki-land.wikispaces.com, and for what it's worth, my edu-blog is at http://thewikiness.blogspot.com

    Would your classes, or those of Kiwi teachers you know, be interested in piloting some projects with ours? Literacy education can be construed broadly. If not, would you kindly pass along my request to those you know who might be interested?

    Thank you so much, and happy new year!

    Andrew Bendelow