Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Kids search engine - Kigose

A search engine for kids is kigose. It includes some search tips (I suspect that these would be useful for everyone!). In the 'Internet Safety' area there is a section where you can input a site's web address to give you a diagnostic output about the site - very useful for teachers as it is quick and easy.

There are also areas for Art, Literature, Maths, Social Studies, Sports, Technology, and Science. By clicking on these you will find links to appropriate web sites.

In addition there is a 'translation' area where you can have text translated from one language to another as well as a unit conversion area. Very useful site to use in the classroom.


  1. Hi,

    I am excited to have a blogger with teaching background review about Kigose.

    I am trying to build human list of kids websites online at Kigose (means KIds GOogle SEarch, but Google does not allow us to use their trademark, so let it be kigose).

    Kigose was my project since November 2007 when I was trying to enhance ICT in my previous school.

    I am currently working on image search engine which should be safe for kids too. Hopefully it can be done this year.

    I also ask many teachers to add more resources in the directory list (you can also add more websites in the directory - even without login!)

    Note: If you search on Google for "kids search engines" we are in the second page of the search result already.

    I would like to hear any suggest, comment about kigose because its mission is only top help teachers and kids in doing research in education.


    Ronald - Kigose administrator

  2. Thanks Ronald, I will be using your web site with my students (training to be teachers) when they are looking at ways to integrate ICT into their classroom programs. Any other ideas you have for me would be gratefully accepted. As you can see I am passionate about this and am constantly looking for ways teachers can do this.