Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Draft Digital Strategy 2.0

The Ministry of Economic Development in New Zealand has put forward a draft Digital Strategy 2.0 for people to comment on. This was as a result of a series of workshops and The Digital Future Summit 2.

People are invited to view this document and to comment on the proposed policies.

There are implications for the educational sector so it is important that we read this and make comments.

An example:

In Capability Actions ( 4.3)
Action: Delivering the NZ Curriculum technology learning
area (TLA):
Enable students to develop a broad technological literacy throught the
TLA (one of the eight learning areas for schools), that will equip them to
participate in 21st century society as informed citizens and give them access to
technology-related careers.

Contributes to Priorities: Developing digital literacy and
confence in the workforce and our communities
Lead Agency: Ministry of Education
Timing: 2008 - 210
Budget: Baseline

You can fill out an online submission or you can go to the Digital Strategy Wiki

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