Thursday, January 24, 2008

How the rise of digital video is transforming education

An interesting article from eSchool News has the following - check out the rest of the article as it has some interesting ideas and is well worth reading.

Leaders in education and technology can barely contain their enthusiasm over such developments. The excitement reflects what Niki Davis, director of the Center for Technology in Learning & Teaching at Iowa State University, calls a "new energy" in education these days, as administrators and teachers increasingly come to recognize that technological breakthroughs have made longstanding goals for visual learning much more attainable than was previously possible.

Davis stresses that educators should look beyond the tech side of things, as fascinating as that can be, because what matters most is what they are able to do because of the technology. Down the road, she says, teachers and administrators might well look back at the current period and conclude: That was when education truly changed.

The growing use of video in schools, along with the spread of online learning in general, is not simply prompting teachers to "pick up the technology," Davis explains; it's actually beginning to change how teachers teach. "Once you use technology, the pedagogy changes," she says. "It's saying to teachers, ‘Think about the technology and, while you're doing that, think again about what it is you're trying to teach--the content--and how you're trying to teach it.'"

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