Wednesday, December 12, 2007

ICT conference for kids

I went to Star of the Sea in Sumner, Christchurch, New Zealand this morning. How exciting to see what these children are doing.

The children in the Senior School (Year 8 - around 12 years old) organised the whole thing.

They planned the conference for the school with a 'futures' theme. These children formed groups and planned various topics around the theme. They wrote lesson plans for the work they are doing over the two days of the conference, designed a logo for the conference, issued invitations to various people and organised a welcoming committee for visitors (with a map and name tag for visitors).

Today they had set the conference up and were teaching, facilitating and mentoring the other children.

They set up teaching posts, video cameras, digital still cameras, laptops (with microphones) in various areas around the school for the conference.


Year 8 children teaching a group

Concentrating on a task - using PowerPoint - notice the storyboard they have completed prior to starting this

Using Sim City to find out about the effects of water levels rising due to global warming

The conference will conclude with a celebration of their learning tomorrow afternoon. What a fantastic experience for all these children.

The children are to be complimented on their organisation the did a wonderful job and it was fantastic to see all the children involved in their learning in an authentic and meaningful context.

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