Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Integrating ICT into the curriculum....

I see many teachers using innovative ideas to integrate ICT into their classrooms. I am currently looking at using wikis and blogs in the classroom environment.

A game for children to play in the learning environment is about the Big 6. The Big 6 is a great way to help children develop their information literacy skills and was developed by Mike Eisenberg and Bob Berkowitz. I like this website which clearly explains how to use the Big 6. This is a research cycle for problem-solving and guides students through the 6 steps of the process. I have downloaded this game as an example for my students to see how they can use this in the classroom. I wonder if others have also downloaded it and use it in their classrooms.

It is interesting to speculate what the classroom of the future will look like. The learning environment in primary schools has changed rapidly in the past twenty years - secondary schools appear to lag behind. I wonder if teachers in secondary schools find it difficult to plan for two (or more) curriculum areas in a unit so that different teachers are teaching different parts of the unit - that would make a good start particularly if the students were then able to use ICT as an authentic tool in a meaningful context.

What will the next five years bring.

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